Established in May 1993, King's Wisdom has grown to become one of the leading law firms in Wuxi. The firm is an unlimited liability partnership running in the direction of international practice. By specifying major areas among partners and organizing teamwork, the firm provides a comprehensive range of legal services to multinational corporations, joint ventures, partnerships, limited liability companies, banks and other financial institutions such as insurance companies and security companies.

Our business focuses on foreign investment enterprises, banking and financial services, corporate and commercial, litigation, property, tax and construction, a proportion of which has an international element. Our background and association with the banking and financing industries has led to a comprehensive understanding of relationships whit banks, funders, non-bank financial institutions, consultants and other various sectors.

We aim to provide objective advice based on a careful evaluation of what you are seeking to achieve and how best to achieve it. We seek to solve problems and bring fresh ideas and approaches in addressing your needs. Teamwork ensures us to give the appropriate advice based on detailed knowledge of the law, experience in its interpretation and application, and a detailed understanding of your business.

We will deal you affairs promptly and deliver top quality results on time. You will be assigned a Relationship Partner in whom you can have confidence and who will oversee your business with us. After analyzing the specialist demands of the particular transaction, the partner will bring together and co-ordinate an appropriate team of lawyers.

All the lawyers working in the firm have received intensive legal education in well-known domestic law schools. We put particular emphasis on recruitment and training to produce lawyers with the right knowledge, experience, commitment and enthusiasm necessary to achieve your objectives.

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